The PCS assessment provides invaluable insights to understand, measure & improve culture, team performance, engagement and leadership capability.


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Create more productive and effective teams and leaders, promote cultures that drive high performance, positive engagement and prove a tangible ROI on your L&D.

PCS - an objective measure of culture & team performance

PCS provides a detailed assessment of culture and performance at a team level, where you are today, and where to focus to improve...

Visual tool - easy to interpret

PCS's design and layout makes the data straight-forward to navigate, easy to interpret and is immediately actionable to enhance team performance and leadership capability.

Development areas clearly prioritised

The comprehensive assessment across 6 key areas of team performance are highlighted, colour coded and prioritised, making any development intervention precise and targeted.

Compare and benchmark

PCS measure outcomes can be overlaid to provide objective performance comparisons between teams, across the whole organisation and even to provide benchmarks within industry sectors and geographies.

"We were looking for a tool that would help teams improve their performance"

Southwest Growth Service found the tool insightful, easy to use and quick to implement. They have used PCS to help teams navigate transitions in leadership, structure and process - understanding how they are performing, where they can improve, and how to do so.

"We wanted a tangible way to measure our culture"

Air Marketing is a business all about people and culture. They chose to use PCS because the insights provided were easy to understand, and showed what actions needed to be taken first.

"This has given us a great way to reflect as leaders and ensure the team is aligned with where we're headed"

3cubed engaged PCS to measure and verify the extent to which, as a growing business, all employees were equally aligned around values, strategy and direction. PCS showed efficiently and effectively how this needed to improve, and exactly how to go about improving this.

  • 4iLeadership

    “PCS has given me great insights into how to best develop my team”

    General Manager

  • 4iLeadership

    “The PCS measurement that 4i use gives a clear path for leaders to follow and immediately begin improving the performance of their team”

    Head of Human Resources

  • 4iLeadership

    “A great tool with great insights, has given real value to our whole team”

    VP Sales USA

Benefits for whole team and individual leadership development

The transparent, open nature of the data set, shared with both leader and team, provides a highly authentic and engaging platform for developing both team and leader.

PCS provides insights which benefit leaders, teams, L&D experts and strategic HR professionals.

4i PCS Programs

As well as providing the PCS Assessment, our proprietary programs ensure the benefits of PCS are realised, learning embedded and outcomes optimised, to achieve the following;

Outstanding Leaders

PCS Pro Assessments provide insights for leaders and their 4i coaches to use as a baseline to develop leadership capability

High Performance Teams

4i PCS Programs work with teams and their leaders over an extended period to build and sustain high performance at a team level

Exceptional Organisations

4i PCS Programs can be applied to key strategic teams, divisions or even organisation wide to provide a consistent framework to leverage enhanced performance organisation-wide

For leaders of Virtual Teams - Measurement and Coaching Support

Assess your virtual team's performance and work with an expert certified PCS Coach

PCS Lite

Begin your PCS journey with the PCS Lite assessment.

Focusing on the input of all the team including the leader, the PCS Lite assessment provides a concise, interactive report highlighting key areas of achievement and development.

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One on One advice with a PCS Expert Coach

Once you receive your PCS assessment, you can partner with a PCS Expert Coach to deepen your understanding, interpret the fine points and build your action plan to enhance your team performance.

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